Weeks 21/22 – 5,3,1 Workout

by Travis on October 16, 2011

in Jim Wendler 5 3 1 Workout Program, Powerlifting

I’ve changed up the days up bit on my 5/3/1 workout to help my bi’s out.  DUH, why didn’t I think of this before.  Now Bench Mon, Squat Tue, Overhead press Thur, and Deadlift Fri. That way if I tweak my bi’s at all on squat’s, I have one day rest before overhead press.  Doing Bench the day after squats when you tweak your bi’s really sux!

Deload week was great…. AND REALLY FREAKIN BORRRRING… like always.  It was great because it gave my bi’s a chance to rest up.  Plus, the entire week I really spent a lot of time doing myofascial release and even started doing a lot of hammer curls in between my primary sets.  Only used 20lb dumbbells and did 20-30 reps real quick.  Those 2 things combined with icing and viola, my arms are almost back to 113%.  POW!

The first week of the next 5/3/1 workout cycle had me a lil concerned because my squat seems to be the only thing really looking like it’s gonna fail.  BUT, NOPE, I’m still chugging along.  Got my prescribed reps no prob.  Think I could have done 6 or 7 even, but my wkout partner wasn’t there and the spotter I had spotted me a lil closer than normal for me so it threw me off a bit.  Was a good spot, but just not like I’m used to.

Something new I started doing for Assistance Work:

  • Week One (3×5 week) – 10, 8, 6, 4 reps with weight ramping up.  I really like this.
  • Week Two (3×3 week) – 4×8 heavy (or relatively heavy). 
  • Week Three (5,3,1 week) – 5×10 medium to light weight.

Also, I think the Bioforge supp is starting to kick in.  Not for sure, but we’ll see over the next couple weeks.  This was week 3 and I hear it really starts kicking in on week 4.  Hope so because deads were easier than I thought they should be….soooo…. I upped them 20lbs.  Worked out great tho.  Got 495lbx6 full stop.


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