Week Thirteen – 5,3,1 Workout (#4-Deload)

by Travis on August 14, 2011

in Jim Wendler 5 3 1 Workout Program, Powerlifting, Strength Whore

Ok, here’s another slightly boring post about my progress with Jim Wendlers 531 program.  (Boring because not much to report on and this was deload week… YAWN).

I will say I was very happy for this week only because I did need a bit of break.  Also, for some reason, this week I felt a lil stiff in my right knee but nothing big.

Overall, the past 4 weeks have been really good.  My assistance work has kinda been all over the board (especially ab work), but I’ve been doing it.  Just substituting or not completing all of it.

Definitely going to be getting some more videos from this next 4 weeks (maybe I’ll even video some bench work. haha)

Oh, and as a side note, I started using Fat Gripz on some things and WOW, those things make lift a bit harder.  Definitely gonna see if I can make mine own.  Just for something fun to do.


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