Week Fifteen/Sixteen – 5,3,1 Workout (#2 – #3)

by Travis on August 27, 2011

in Jim Wendler 5 3 1 Workout Program, Powerlifting

Overall the last 2 weeks have been…. OK. I hit or exceeded all my reps, but haven’t been feeling unstoppable like normal. Couple things that caused this are: Donated plasma on Saturday Aug 20th and got a mild bit of food poisoning on Aug 25th. DOH!  I’ve added these things to a new list I call “Things to Avoid During Intense Training” <put in link to page>

Actually skipped Week 2 of deadlift on Thursday and did Deadlift/Overhead Press together on Friday. Ended up being much better than expected.

Also, not happy with my numbers, but I guess they’re still going up.
531 workout Week 15-16

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