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by Travis

Feb 1, 2014: This content is a bit outdated now, but I’m back in the game and gonna be posting some updates

Originally I was only intending this site to be a personal powerlifting blogging site, but then I got a wild hair and decided… Ya know what… I really like this name… And the more I talked to others, the more I realized it’s actually a pretty awesome name if I do say so myself. So I have a few other side plans for the site and for Strength Whore™.

—Squat & Deadlift Videos (Need to update these cuz they’re a bit old)—
(Pop up vids unless you click YouTube)

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It’s going to be a slow process, but I will be posting regular training updates and maybe some other AHA moments that I have as it relates to my powerlifting training. I think there’s gonna be a little overlap with DIY (Did It Yourself) Strength Training, but that should be minimal.

Travis (45 Posts)

I have a genetic defect that will not allow me grow up. HOWEVER, I do take power lifting and strength training very seriously and I love using what I know to help others avoid the bazillion mistakes I've made in my 25+ yrs of training. Since I don't know everything, I never stop learning. Note: I am not a fitness trainer. I just like learning and helping people get strong. Hopefully what I write will help at least one person.

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